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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  January 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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extremely critical of united states,re he denied any ties to isis does not advocate violence refers to social media postings as entertainment . we spoke to a student who said that it might be best for him to resign. >> i asked if he would. if the students are asking, for your resignationtu, would you even consider it? >> no sir. were told that we cannot ask any further questions,s, he is not charged with anything, he has tenure at the in-state university, so they're not doing anything to remove him from the classroom, the university president yesterday said , in which she said that the university
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previous statements reprehensible. >> despite the university saying that it was reprehensible or not and in a position to do anythingng . >> exactly . i goes back to the fact that he is not charged with anything and he has tenure has been here since 1992. >> thank you dave nethers. >> victim of a hit-and-run accident says that she is grateful to be alive.nene >> tina lowe says once know how somebody could just be further, roosevelt leftwichj sojourner today, the video of that accident is progeny. >> it is,, she was on her way home after a long network was happy to go home when she was hit by a car today, something thata would change her life and also the life of driver.
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feel that yourpi not watching this happenot to a real person but in this exclusive interview with fox 8,p 31-year-old tina lowe says that the injuries are very painful.l. >> i can still barely walk i'm still holding onto things,r my hips are bad, my left knee hurts , i had a pretty big -- with four staples, head. >> she says that says that she's going to be alive andys does not remember much of what happened, and she does remember waiting ford the mighty change at the intersection ofg fulton and clark avenue. >> i woke up in the middle-of-the-road, spitting out some teeth and a puddle of my own blood and ice cold water in my face.
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blanket on her, and that the woman that had her do not help, surveillance cameras and harry's marathon shows shows that no one pointed to the gas station and watching before driving a white.t >> that's what shocked me was how she looked around the suv, and watch the money in their and do not have to check on me, and i want to thank everybody who did come to a sesame. >> cannot understand how someone could be like that, herer injuries will heal in time the thought that someone could be so apparently callous will always >> are heartless, nothing else that you could say i don't care what trouble it that you are in, i would not leave someone in the middle-of-the-road, i would check and say that it was my fault andnd, what if i had died,
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>> are still looking for information about the driver, ri the pictures from the destination are very clear about the license plate was obscured, if you have information, contact the police. they have received lots of tips they say that they have had people calling from all over withh tidbits of information . juore they can get to this person. >> are farmers from all over the side of cleveland fighting a house fire this morning as jessica dill explains that left one man critically injured. >> you can see behind me, the home is badly damaged from the early early-morning fire, i wantnt got out safely, and the man who lives there is in critical
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crews arrived at the home was involved, they had to fight the fire externally becaused the floors were already caved in . they both got out got out but he went back inside to try to save his dog but it did not survive . >> also a cab was also killed, they fought the blaze for hours because there was not an easy source of water nearby.h >> there are no water hydrant, we have to bring in the water, this is a narrow roadng he took a sometime and we now have a system that we are really moving water.we >> he was taken to children's hospital in a critical condition then taken to metro . same with us for further details. >> a third and final suspect wanted for an attack in little
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da'shaun newton and two other men men robbed a priest on mayfield road . david harrison and johnchez phillips have been charged with robbery both played not guilty,ha ch newton is charged with aggravated robbery. >> permission set for a local officer killed in the line of duty,m danville officer tom cottrell was shot and killed saturday night, a third-year suspect remains locked up in the charges have been filed, calling hours will be tomorrow at rucker and kish funeral home in newark, services will be held saturday at the newark campus of ohio state university and central ohio technical college. >> review when they grand jury process, judge john russo has treated a grand jury review committee to lead by judges, the purpose is purposes would have
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are ways to make it more efficient,d he says the review will make sure that the system works smoothly and not associated with the outcomes of any current grand jury decisions . >> aeschylus is bracing for a major winter storm that is expected to impact air travel nationwide, as a matt wright is at hopkins airport tonight, what can people expect. >> most people we spoke to, and are traveling just in time you can see there are no major delays or cancellations yet, but that will likely be changing in the coming days, the storm expected to dump up to 2 feet of snow on some east coast cities from friday into saturday impacting major airports like baltimore, dc, philly in new york city, airlinesti, from united to delta are changing are
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passengers, most require this might be scheduled within the next week or so likely affect air travel nationwide as planesre are stranded, some passengers out of cleveland today are worried about a return flights. >> i hope that i will be okay, i'm keeping my fingers crossed that i can get out of philadelphia before the storm hit. >> hope that it is not does not delay us that hopefully let me be delayed in florida.l they say airlines this airlines expect to have canceling flights early as tonight and some anticipate anticipate canceling half of their flights in the coming days so that devices toi check with your airline ahead of time, you might bebe in luck on the backend of the storm
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p.m.. or johnny manziel are behind him , he was pulled over along i-480 and north olmsted with expired license plates between israel was due in court today but insteadas you play deeply guilty to driving with expired plates and wavedyo his right right to hear he paid 125-dollar fine, learning more about the future of the grounds and haveo the new team is using analytics to turn the franchise today around a franchise today the team official introduced paul depodesta and sashi brown,he p.j. ziegler joins us. >> paul depodesta is a baseball baseball guy making the transition to football and
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soccer prove that he belongs, he hopes that his numbercrunching will help sashi brown and the team made better choices not just on drafting. >> they were introduced at a news conference today, the browns are working on finalizing the coaching staffweweth and front office, he said that he will not hire a general manager but will hire ai vice president of player personnel and hope to have that candidatete in place the next week or two,in the anz head coach hue jackson will have a play on personnel decisions, and brown n will have the final column, here's what he is, he is qualified to be in charge of the at 53 man roster and paul depodesta will use analytics. >> by 1212 seasonably been around lots of strategic decisions on building a roster of my
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people together and form a consensus. >> we will be seeking seeking out model information about better information to make better decisions in all phases ngin. >> sashi brown tammy day said that they will hire a new strength and conditioning coach after so many soft tissue injuries suffered last year by the browns. >> what you think about all of this ? >> they've tried everything and has not worked so here is something new to try and see how that works out, pauldd d. podesta says he believes in 12 months you'll you will see a big difference. >> the cleveland clinic calls in progress for some claim it comes>
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the idea behind this project in watertown new york city workers putting water on top of a parking lott trying to turn it into an outdoor ice rink, the indoor rink is closed for renovations, they say that this will take a few days to get the makeshift outdoor skating rink ready for skaters. is a call now like that? >> may be there but not here, bu for the next few days okay
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heading into the 30s so if you want to do an outdoor ice rink go to wade oval and university circle. >> here is a shot, there is a glaze of ice on lake erie after cold nights and days, the taken us through this time lapse live, this view from the crib-cam,l were going to start to build also the ice coverage in the next few dayse as temperatures increase above the freezing mark .ma currently mid- 20s, with winds from the west between five and 10, most everybody is in the 20s, they were looking at for 2 degrees rally in dc, in bracing for that big storm
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departs into new england. >> the lack of sunshine today i makes it harder, the focus will be on the system began to develop . be that northeast are tomorrow, into delmarva, mid-atlantic and southern england. posted, blizzard warning for delmarva, and winter storm warnings and the purple, this is a huge system with lots of moisture . we'll be blankets will be blankets of snowfall continuing into saturday evening and before that departs offshore
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>> high pressure is a busy dust by the skin of our teeth . on saturday more than 2 feet of snowfall in virginia, west virginia and parts of maryland and south-central pennsylvania, new york could get about 1 foot of snowfall on it for us, more clouds and see how it gets south, if you live in pittsburgh you are looking for six -- 10 inches, to the southeast about 1 foot, new philadelphia, is nothing, that will be the distinct cut off, and marietta in parkersburg west virginia could get 6 inches or more . the temperatures in the teens tonight, mostly cloudy .
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over the next eight days 30s saturday sunday . in next week reporting . and then go between 20s and 30s several chances ofr snowfall next week did not appear to be as significant as this from affecting people to the south and east in. >> fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. blue streak spin-out spin-out, another title, and the class is in session,,
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sandusky high school is known as the most copies of high school in erie county. >> also,y. importance of academics vocational opportunities and the fine arts here is kristi capel with this fox 8 coolschool. >> welcome from sandusky high school, the home of the blue streak, the legacy built on pride, tradition and excellence
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>> as a graduate of high school i can attest to great teaching, student involvement and what separates us is the fact that we have so many wonderful students who are so involved.. >> and offers many opportunities for a high caliber education traditional classes and digital online courses but also take college credit to earn an associate's degree in graduating . >> do lots of project -based learning and lots of college opportunities. >> others take the vocational career path, students never have to leave their home school to learn the skills. >> i'm in the roman program for three half years i worked at door sports racing for an internship.
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the fine arts, the sandusky acapella keynotes and bell choir have repeatedly been invited to perform at disney world. >> and the school yearbook sports, it's deeper than you can do something from your heart, but you want to showth other people, and i feel that is something that the fine arts brings. >> students seize every opportunity to enrich their education. >> there is really so much to get involved with,, i have been involved in school musicals and in student council, national honor society, andls and there are some new sports and ap classes. >> samosky high school is is committed to preparing students to succeed in school and life in . >> diversity makes it unique you can come from all sorts of
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>> kristi capel fox 8 news. >> don't have to travel very far to visit the next fox 8 coolschool just a short ride away' at garfield heights. >> save the date. >> a chance chance to win a dream home, and other prizes this coming up, tickets to the st. jude dream home on sale thursday or 18,, 6:00 a.m., the half-million dollar home and the committee built by cleveland custom >> tickets start at $100 proceeds benefiting saint jude the tickets will also give you a chance to win a car from nick abraham auto mall, a hot tub from lite-house pools and spas
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people on the east coast continued to prepare themselves for the massive storm, nor'easter expected to hit tonight and through tomorrow,, from maryland,, up to the north could get up to 3 feet of snow, southern areas could see ice and freezing rain, the impending storm has people scrambling to get supplies and even generators
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people not to underestimate the severity of the stormrmd. this predicted to be the worst storm that we have seen sincepr 2010. >> most of maryland, can expect at leastst one -- 2 feet snowfall, with the possibility of up to 3 feetee in some areas of western maryland. >> so far three deaths have been blamed on the winter weather, killed in traffic accidents. >> code that said that massive storm have an impact here.. what else can you tell us about what they're going to get and if we will see any. >> were not going to, we will just have some cloud cover . for
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are going to have snowfall but for us nothing . taking a look at the current temperatures, across the area, the northeaster is devoted across the deep south , moving along the the appalachians affecting areas tomorrow into southern new england before departing on sunday, it'll be a a long drawnout storm affecting dozens of states . the temperatures are trying to have the warming trend . we are still below normal, the winds have them light and even with that it does feel colder than the actual temperature . lake effect was here this morning, the stubborn clouds
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including columbus,s . tonight, variably cloudy skies, and tomorrow more clouds from the north-northwest and overall, we will be in the clear . tonight in the teens tomorrow more clouds t and more clouds to the south, will be a quiet weekend, and a different story to the south and east. >> canton police officer whose k-9 partner was killed killed in the line of in the line of duty last week may soon get a new partner.of >> peggy gallek talk to the officer today
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>> what else can you tell us. >> k9s4cops is donating the new dog of the police department, officer ryan davis will go to houston to get his new partner,ry he said that right now it is bittersweet he because that jethro leftis a hole that will not be filled, .th just don't kill generally kill generally nine during ninth street issued out with a burglary suspect, a davis of the injured and says that he feels jethro save his life, davis and the canton police say they are grateful to k9s4cops for donating the dog, expected to bring home the newa partner next week, to go through about 40 weeks of training before he is ready for getting. >> it is tough, austin davis, jethro was his partner and a member of his family .is it was really hard on him.
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the biggest one is nervousness, i'm not going to find jethro . but hopefully, it will begin the healing process. >> he says he is still responding to e-mails from ai hundreds who have reached out since jethro's death and has received dozens of letters and donations and is thankful,ha the canton police hope to have partner begin training february this is a very traumatic experience, he was being shot at in the dog stepped in front and took a vote and jethro was his partner. >> an organization trying to stop lakewood hospital from closing wants the issue in the hands of the voters,s members of the same lakewood hospital
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signed by more thanm 3400 people to the lakewood clerk of council today they want a referendum on the ballot asking voters to reject the deal to close the hospital,ume cleveland clinic last convert the property to a family wellness center by mid- 2018,ic inpatient services will be moved to another cleveland clinic locations by the end of the month, those opposed to the plan say thatto the people of lakewood are getting a raw deal. >> we were heartbroken when city officials signed away our hospital that was owned by the citizens to the cuyahoga county . n to the cleveland clinic clinic for pennies on the dollarar is as the deal of the century for cleveland clinic and for citizens it amounts to legalized robbery.. >> they say that the the issue lost by 4 percent the last time it was on the ballot, election day will be tuesday march 15. >> what one of those american
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part of last summer's nuclear deal isrt returning home, here's tracy mccool but they look. >> the former us marine arriving ng at his up michigan home today after four and half years in iranian prison,,a just arrived at a michigan airport nearst flint, michigan, he was arrested and 2011, while visiting a sick grandmother in iran, accused of spying and sentenced to death but the iranian supreme court overturned the sentence and the preacher was waiting for a second trial with the nuclear deal happened, speaking to reporters, he credits hise military training for helping them survive and his family and the government for supportrt. >> he spoke briefly to reporters before he was reunited with her family. >> flint, michigan has has been
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that major water crisis.. a monday night, the cast cats face with state warriors and fell flat.
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a giant lost him at about 12 feet tall, that towers over their yard,et even as the signature carrot nose nose, the family had to get creative withue the other features .i >> the arms are snakes, on his buttons are ice cream buckets, cut in half with a plastic around it so madonna's and my daughter symbols make a 10-foot snowman and we did in each year we try to top that. >> that took them nearly the entire day to build the 12-foot olafhe, the question is, how long will it remain, with just one day in the 40s,ngm olaf will become. to the south and east . just to see how close
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this. >> the northeaster is moving this way but not close enough,t not far north north . . while the sun snow showers here and there next week, around the entire region, while the coldest spots as minneapolis, 23, and 22 degrees pittsburgh. it the east coast is bracing for this winterstorm, some records me could be broken, we had some lake effect flurries, this morning and some leftover lake-driven clouds.
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the northeaster, it is getting itself set up,in it has lots of moisture, with the blizzard warnings blizzard warnings blizzard warnings, delmarva storm warnings for almost everybody .in w the snow will be enough for those road crews working overtime starting tomorrow until basically sunday it will be exiting new england, you can see it will be affecting philadelphia and large populous areas . most of the storm will be over the weekend , 8:00 p.m. saturday, more than 2 feet of snow by the time and virginia, west virginia, maryland and pennsylvania, and on the edges,
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central, central, about 30 inches snowfall . there will be nothing at new philadelphia, that is the cutoff point . in pittsburgh, farther south and east, more than 1 foot snowfall .uea partly too mostly cloudy, here cloudy, . we then surpassed that at some point saturday, sunday with snow monkey continues in breaking up some and layer of ice on lake erie, about 20 percent, near 40 monday intensive snowfall tuesday through friday . doctors movie
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be no single digits over the forecast, and good luck to those to the south and southeast. >> the cavaliers get a big testify at> acute. >> the clippers are in town as john telich is here. >> they had the victory last night but still a bit queasy after monday >> i think many people are still reacting, it was a clunker try to move on,a keep the minutes down that means they had a good night last night was the case in brooklyn as they won against the subpar brooklyn nets last night in new york city . they just redid the ball time and the
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in first game is on the road in the team is not extended it is a good sign tonight the hot clippers team without blake griffin. >> one in texas triangle, that's not easy, . his guys are playing cricket cranky does a great job andes coming back home, doctor becker going to be tested but it is nothing newto >> we just have to be ready two cavalier fans hope that lebron & company can raise the roof .. said 5,000 people will see see the adc title game in denver,. >> those who do not have a ticket
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another talent to get in. >> radio station in denver is given away two tickets to the afc championship game the person comes up with a the best song about the broncos, i'll have to do is call the station voicemail , we have 10 seconds to do their thing so far the response has been overwhelming. >> if you throw some broncos tickets author, people will do just about anything to get them. >> they are rabid fans who don't contest where people stripped him naked and run around the stadium. oni >> the winner will be announced friday, the game is on sunday. once i'm not winning a chip to chip is that it is forever, they
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forever are tattoos,s, arizona cardinals have hopes that his team wednesday afc championship game on sunday. >> josee got in the arizona cardinals tattoo that it features the team's logo along with the super bowl 50 logo, even though they'resu not yet in the super and the super wealthy is confident thaty the tattoo will not be a bad omen. >> even though some people may say that i've jinxed>>, but i don't think that idea because at the end of the day, when they take it home, i'm going to be so happym. >> what happens to the arizona cardinals lose on sunday and fall short of the super bowl? >> he is a tattoo artist and says that he can alter the image
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a story, that has touched people all over the world andnd not over. >> with a girl asked her for christmas card for the holiday seasonedch the response was overwhelming,he 8-year-old safyre terry was severely burned in an arson that killed her father and three siblings in 2013, last month she said that she wanted cars to fill up the christmas card tree, that request went viral and they came in from all over the the world in fact volunteers in upstate new york say that wo should receive more than 2 million cards . it is so
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>> to get them from iceland, australia, russia,, just about everywhere big. >> she's in we got a lot of the mail, not sure what to expect i'vet never done anything like this before and it is really inspirational. >> we see this with so many good people and have received at least 2 million cards, counting gifts, that's a lot of love. >> shih tzus e-card from first family, dolly parton, katy perry and host of others, they set up a trust fund because she had received so many donations from around the a >> crisp cool is up next with what we will
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did notice was that out turned and had some questions with calls for him to resign, he has the latest from kent state university. >> lee hit fbi has been here this week asking questions about julio pino, after 18 months investigation, we also have some questions. >> kent state history professor julio pino returns to the classroom thursday,rn students aware that he is the focus of a federal investigation into his possible associations with isis..
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